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Last updated Jan 8, 2023


☁️ cuz cloud server provider upgrade, they migrate the business, I lost home site…

Last time, I’m used the HEXO to build a blog. (before 2018 I used wordpress for my old blog site … ) At that time, Im a full-stack developer (not real just node.js user). We love everthing on node.js runtime, npm, and other things. That’s easy way to use the yarn get everything. I’ve been following the trendy stuff, ignore actually write sth. I hope my blog able to really build up some knowledge for me.

I thought HEXO had been good until I started working for (2021-2022). They chose to use HEXO as a static site generator to generate sites from their “User centre”, which was done to make static resources (deploy on chain) work better on Web3.

I should clarify that Im just interested in web3 technology. Thats really an “out-of-the-box” resource provable system (I’m bullshitting, u must have a lot of objections).

The process of developing the HEXO plugin has led me to read a lot of source code, plugins, and most of them have not been maintained for a long time. It’s hard to be timeless after being fashionable. Thats worries me, even though my blog is same not update …

By chance I started using logseq as my knowledge tool. After that I heard about Obsidian and I started to experiment with it as a markdown tool. They r Zettelkasten firendly and can export the doc to HTML for a site. So why not use those build my blog ?

# πŸ” Some research

We can found some HTML converter and generator tools search by Google. We need the publisher convert the Obsidian markdown document to HTML pages, and generate a site for publish. After sifting through them, I found publish solutions via jekyll or hugo, in addition to the official website generation service.

# πŸš€ Experience

!TODO: Takes a while to return for updates πŸ˜„